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Reference Value in Spain

If you are considering purchasing a property in Spain and have doubts about the Reference Value in Spain, this post will interest you. Our lawyers explain step by step how to obtain the Reference Value of a property in Spain and why you should always take it into account. Click here to read the complete […]

Purchase a home in Spain: steps to follow.

Hello, our dear online community. Do you wish to purchase a home in Spain, and don’t know the steps to follow?   Don’t worry.   From Welex, our specialist conveyancing lawyer, Felix Ruiz, will answer all your questions related to this issue.   First step Inform the client about the taxes that must be assumed. […]


Property conveyancing in Spain: Tips

The first step in property conveyancing in Spain is finding a Property. It is imperative to get to know the area before you choose a property. You should visit a number of different locations in order to make an educated decision. Additional research into similar properties in various areas will give you different perspectives of […]

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